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I earned my degree in Psychology (2003) and the Ph.D. in Neuroscience (2008) at the University of Parma, where I became Full Professor of Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology in 2021, at the Department of Medicine and Surgery, and coordinator of the PhD in Neuroscience.

I authored several scientific publications focused on the neuronal mechanisms underlying motor, perceptual and cognitive functions of various brain regions, using the monkey as an experimental model.

In the last years, thanks to national and international collaborations and with the support of the European Research Council, in my lab we are adopting new approaches for recording the activity of several individual neurons simultaneously, with chronic implants, in freely-moving animals. These latter innovations constitute the necessary premises for the neuroethological study of the neural underpinnings of natural behaviors in as much as possible close-to-natural situations, contributing to the refinement of primate brain research.